§20-2B-9. Class CS resident conservation stamp; purposes, etc.
A resident hunter, angler or trapper licensed to hunt, fish or trap in this state shall have, in addition to a Class A or B license, a Class CS conservation stamp. The fee for the stamp is five dollars.

The revenue derived from the sale of conservation stamps shall be deposited in the State Treasury and shall be credited to the Division of Natural Resources. The revenue shall be used and paid out, upon order of the Director, for capital improvements and land purchases or leases benefitting wildlife except that at the discretion of the Director, a maximum of twenty percent of the revenue may be used for the operation and maintenance of capital improvements and lands: Provided, That none of this revenue shall be expended for the purchase of wetlands, or for land to be flooded so as to create wetlands, to attract migratory waterfowl within sixty air miles of any established poultry industry: Provided, however, That no expenditures of the revenue derived from the sale of the conservation stamps shall be made for recreational facilities or activities that are used by or for the benefit of the general public rather than by or for purchasers of hunting, fishing or trapping licenses. Any unexpended moneys derived from the sale of conservation stamps shall be carried forward to the next fiscal year.