§20-2B-7. Lifetime hunting, fishing and trapping licenses created.
(a) Pursuant to section three of this article, the Director may issue the following lifetime hunting, fishing and trapping licenses and for the lifetime of the licensee, the lifetime licenses serve in lieu of the equivalent annual license: Lifetime resident statewide hunting and trapping license; lifetime resident combination statewide hunting, fishing and trapping license; lifetime statewide fishing license; and lifetime resident trout fishing license: Provided, That a full-time nonresident student who attends an in-state college or university is not eligible to purchase any of these lifetime licenses.

(b) The Director shall propose a rule for legislative approval in accordance with article three, chapter twenty-nine-a of this code, setting the fees for the lifetime licenses. The rule shall provide that the fee for any resident who has not reached his or her second birthday shall be one half of the adult fee set under the rule. The fees for lifetime licenses shall be twenty-three times the fee for the equivalent annual licenses or stamps.