§20-2-50. Permit to hunt, kill, etc., wildlife for scientific or propagation purposes.
The director may issue a permit to a person to hunt, kill, take, capture or maintain in captivity wildlife exclusively for scientific purposes, but not for any commercial purposes. Any person desiring to collect or procure any wildlife, including any body tissue, organ or other portion thereof, eggs, nesting materials or other materials from the habitat of such wildlife shall be required to make application to the director for a scientific collecting permit. The director shall promulgate rules in accordance with the provisions of chapter twenty-nine-a of this code regarding the issuance of the permits. A permit may be issued only upon written application to the director setting forth at least:

(1) The number and kind of wildlife to be taken;

(2) The purpose and manner of taking;

(3) The name, residence, profession and educational or scientific affiliation of the person applying for the permit; and

(4) The geographic location where the collection or procurement is planned to take place.

A fee, to be set at the discretion of the director, shall accompany the application. No permit may be issued for the purpose of killing deer and bear.