§20-2-42o. Class O resident and Class OO nonresident trout fishing stamp.

A Class O stamp is a resident trout fishing stamp. A Class OO stamp is a nonresident trout fishing stamp. These stamps entitle the licensee to fish for trout in all counties of the state, except as prohibited by rules of the Director or Natural Resources Commission. The fee for a Class O stamp is ten dollars and the fee for a Class OO stamp is fifteen dollars. The revenue derived from the sale of these stamps shall be deposited in the State Treasury and credited to the Division of Natural Resources and shall be used and paid out, upon order of the Director, for state trout program expenses. These stamps, issued in a form prescribed by the Director, shall be in addition to a Class AB-L, B, B-L, F, LL, X, XJ or XXJ license or Class Q permit. These stamps require that the licensee purchase the appropriate base license before participating in the activities specified in this section, except as noted.