§20-2-42c. Class C courtesy statewide hunting and fishing license.
A Class C license is a courtesy hunting and fishing license and entitles the licensee to hunt and fish in all counties of this state. It may be issued by the Director upon application made to him or her and without fee to:

(1) Members and agents of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service;

(2) Members of State Commissions of other states extending similar courtesies;

(3) Diplomatic and consular representatives of foreign countries;

(4) Persons engaged in scientific wildlife research;

(5) Nonresident outdoor writers and other nonresidents engaged in promoting an interest in the Natural Resources of the State of West Virginia.

Not more than one hundred courtesy licenses shall be issued in one year. This is a base license and does not require the purchase of a prerequisite license to participate in the activities specified in this section, except as noted.