§20-2-38a. Suspension of license or permit for failure to pay fines or penalties imposed by magistrate court.

The director shall suspend the license or permit of any person to whom a license or permit has been granted upon receiving notice from a magistrate court of this state, pursuant to subsection (b), section two-a, article three, chapter fifty of this code, that such person has defaulted on the payment of costs, fines, forfeitures or penalties which were imposed on the person by the magistrate court upon conviction of any hunting or fishing violation, after ninety days following such conviction.

Any reinstatement of a license or permit under this section shall be subject to a reinstatement fee, in an amount to be prescribed by the director of the department of natural resources, which fee shall be collected by the department of natural resources and deposited into the law-enforcement division account to be utilized by the law-enforcement division in administering the provisions of this section.