§20-2-32. Issuance of licenses; duplicate licenses.

     (a) The clerk of the county commission in each county requesting designation and other persons, designated by the director pursuant to section thirty-three of this article, are license-issuing authorities authorized to issue a license to an applicant if the applicant is legally entitled to obtain the license and pays the proper fee.

     (b) Materials and supplies for the issuance of licenses shall be furnished by the director to each license-issuing authority as needed.

     (c) Each license shall bear a serial number and shall be signed by the licensee. The license-issuing authority shall keep an accurate record of licenses issued and fees collected as prescribed by the director.

     (d) Any license-issuing authority may issue a duplicate license to replace a lost, destroyed or damaged license upon receipt of a verified application executed by the original licensee and payment of a duplicate license fee of $1.