§20-2-23e. Implementation of allocation methodology.
Other provisions of this article notwithstanding, the implementation of an allocation methodology for the nonmoratorium whitewater zones of the New, Gauley, Cheat, Shenandoah and Tygart rivers, shall be made based upon criteria identified in existing or future studies of carrying capacity, the overall economic impact on the state and the safety of the general public as identified in section twenty-three-a of this article, and shall be implemented at such time as the commission deems appropriate, by rules promulgated pursuant to chapter twenty-nine-a of this code. In determining whether to increase or decrease existing use allocations on the portions of the New and Gauley rivers subjected to a moratorium on new licenses by this article, the commission may continue existing studies and undertake new studies of the carrying capacity of whitewater zones, the quality of the rafting experience, the economic impact of rafting and the safety of the general public.