§19-33-4. Legislative rules.

     The commissioner shall propose rules for legislative approval in accordance with the provisions of article three, chapter twenty- nine-a of this code to provide for the following:

     (a) The issuance of equine rescue facility licenses and revocation of the licenses for violations of the provisions of this article or rules adopted hereunder;

     (b) Notification of the application and issuance of an equine rescue facility license to the humane officer, animal control officer or county sheriff in the county where the facility is located and providing remittance of the annual equine rescue facility license fee;

     (c) Standards for maintenance of the premises, the care and health of the horses kept at equine rescue facilities and standards for inspection of those facilities and horses, using guidelines developed by the West Virginia Livestock Care Standards Board; and

     (d) Standards for closure of an equine rescue facility and seizure of horses at the facility where the health and welfare of the horses are endangered.