§19-21-7. Annual meeting of owners; election of supervisor.
In the same month of each year after the election of the first board of supervisors, the board of supervisors shall call a meeting of the owners of land and other property herein described in the district by publication, in the same manner as provided for in section six, and such owners shall meet at the time and place fixed by the board of supervisors and elect one supervisor therefor in like manner as prescribed in the preceding section, who shall hold his office for three years or until his successor is elected and qualified; and in case of a vacancy in the office of supervisor, the remaining supervisors may fill such vacancy by appointment until the next annual meeting, when a successor shall be elected for the unexpired term: Provided, That after the report of the appraisers has been confirmed by the court under the provisions of section fifteen, only owners of land and other such property having benefits assessed against it shall be entitled to vote at the annual meetings held under the provisions of this section.