§19-20A-4. Vaccination tag and certificate.

Each person vaccinating a dog or cat for rabies shall provide a "certificate of rabies vaccination" which shall contain the following information:

(a) Name of the county where the owner of the animal resides;

(b) Vaccination tag number;

(c) Identification of the animal by color, weight, breed, age and sex;

(d) Name, address and telephone number of the owner;

(e) Type of vaccine, the manufacturer of the vaccine and the serial number;

(f) Date of the vaccination;

(g) Identification of the veterinarian, doctor of medicine or person administering the vaccination;

(h) Such other information as the commissioner of agriculture may require.

The owner of the animal shall retain the original certificate of vaccination in his or her records. Copies of the certificate or a computer printout that contains the information required above shall be filed with the person administering the vaccination and the clerk of the county commission in the county where the owner of the animal resides.

Tags to be furnished by the county commission shall be of a distinctive and easily recognized color, and shall have thereon engraved, or stamped, the year of vaccination and the number indicating the record above described. Such tag shall be securely fastened to the collar worn by the dog and shall be given to the owner by the veterinarian, the doctor of medicine or the person vaccinating the dog or cat at the time of vaccination.