§19-15A-4. Inspection fee; report of tonnage; annual report.
(a) Each sales invoice prepared in normal course of business by either a registrant or distributor shall reflect the amount of the inspection fee and the name of the payor.

(b) Within thirty days following the thirtieth day of June and the thirty-first day of December of each year, each registrant and distributor shall submit on a form furnished by the commissioner a summary of tons of each agricultural liming material sold or distributed by each registrant and distributor in the state during the previous six months' period. The report of tonnage shall be accompanied by payment of an inspection fee as established by legislative rule. If the tonnage, or portion thereof, has been paid by another person, documentation by invoice must accompany such report. The semiannual payment and late fee shall be established by legislative rule.

(c) The commissioner shall publish annually on the Department of Agriculture's website a composite report showing the net tons of agricultural liming material sold in this state during the preceding period. This report may not divulge information that can be related to the business of any individual registrant.