§19-15-5. Tonnage reports.
The person transacting, distributing or selling fertilizer to a nonregistrant shall furnish the commissioner a report showing the county of the consignee, the amounts (tons) of each grade of fertilizer, and the form in which the fertilizer was distributed (bags, bulk, liquid, etc.). This information shall be reported by one of the following methods: (a) Submitting a summary report approved by the commissioner on or before the fifteenth day of each month covering shipments made during the preceding month; or (b) by electronic transfer using the UFTRS system or other electronic system approved by the commissioner. No information furnished to the commissioner under this section may be disclosed in such a way as to divulge the operation of any person. The commissioner shall assess a late fee established by legislative rule against the registrant who is responsible for reporting if the monthly report is not filed by the due date.