§19-14-14. Prohibited acts.

It shall be unlawful:

(a) To manufacture, distribute, or knowingly use any commercial feed that is adulterated or misbranded.

(b) To adulterate or misbrand any commercial feed.

(c) To distribute, use, remove, or dispose of commercial feed in violation of an embargo order, or condemnation and confiscation order provided for under this article.

(d) To manufacture, distribute, or use any commercial feed containing a drug or drugs that cause or may cause residue of the drug or drugs in the edible tissues, milk, or eggs of the animals fed such feed in excess of the acceptable residue levels set by the commissioner by rules.

(e) To fail or refuse to register commercial feeds.

(f) To fail or refuse to obtain permits required under this article.

(g) To fail to make an accurate statement of tonnage.

(h) To fail to pay inspection fees as required under this article.

(i) To distribute or knowingly use any commercial feed that has not had an accurate statement of tonnage reported to the commissioner in the previous reporting period.

(j) To use or imply the name West Virginia department of agriculture, or reference any inspection or sample findings made by the West Virginia department of agriculture on labels or labeling of commercial feed.

(k) To interfere with the commissioner's official duties.