§19-14-10. Adulteration.

Commercial feed or feed ingredients is adulterated:

(a) If it contains any poisonous, deleterious or nonnutritive substance, including pesticide chemical residues, food additives, color additives or drugs which is or may be injurious to animals when fed such feed in accordance with the directions, or to humans who consume the resultant food product of the animal;

(b) If its composition or quality falls below or differs from what is stated on the label or by its labeling;

(c) If it contains viable weed seeds exceeding the limits set by the commissioner by rules;

(d) If the facilities, controls, or methods used in the manufacture, processing, or packaging do not conform to industry standards set by the commissioner by rules; or

(e) If it was manufactured or held under conditions whereby it became contaminated by dust, dirt, insects, birds, rodents, or animal excretion thereby rendering it injurious to animal health.