§19-10A-1. Purpose; and short title.
(a) The intent of this article is to protect and promote the public health and general welfare and to prevent fraud and deception in the production, processing, sale and distribution of eggs. This article provides for the registration of business houses engaged in selling, trading or traffic of eggs; establishes standards for the grading, classification and marketing of eggs; provides a penalty for the failure to comply with the provisions of this article; and provides for other purposes. This article shall be known as "The West Virginia Egg Marketing Law of 1998". All provisions of this code in conflict with this article are repealed.

(b) Except where otherwise indicated, it is the intent of the Legislature that this article substantially conform with the federal laws and regulations promulgated under the auspices of the United States secretary of agriculture and the United States secretary of health and human services in order to provide movement of eggs in intrastate and interstate commerce with a minimum of economic barriers.