§19-3-3. Grounds for refusal or revocation of license.
The commissioner may refuse to grant a license or may revoke a license already granted when he is satisfied that the applicant or licensee has:

(1) Failed to satisfy a money judgment properly served against him;

(2) Made false, fraudulent or improper charges or returns for the handling, sale, storage, or other services in connection with agricultural products;

(3) Failed or refused to render an account of sales or make prompt settlement thereon;

(4) Knowingly made false or misleading statements as to the condition, quality, or quantity of agricultural products received, handled, stored, or held by him for sale;

(5) Made false or misleading statements concerning market conditions, with the intent to deceive;

(6) Combined or conspired to fix prices either directly or indirectly;

(7) Purchased for his own account agricultural products received by him upon consignment without prior notice to the consignor in writing, or at an agreed price fixed by the consignor;

(8) Made fictitious sales or has been guilty of collusion to defraud the consignor;

(9) Has reconsigned agricultural products without the written consent of the consignor or without notice to the consignor that all or part of his shipment has been reconsigned;

(10) Sold consigned goods to another person, exchange, association, or corporation in which the consignee has a financial interest without notice in writing to the consignor of such interest.