§19-2C-6b. Duties and responsibilities of an apprentice auctioneer and a sponsoring auctioneer.

                                            (a) A licensed apprentice auctioneer shall only conduct or assist in auctions under the direct supervision of his or her sponsoring auctioneer. A licensed apprentice auctioneer may not enter into a contract to conduct an auction, unless the contract is cosigned by his or her sponsoring auctioneer.

                                            (b) The sponsoring auctioneer is responsible for:

                                            (1) The actions of an apprentice auctioneer to ensure adherence to state law; and

                                            (2) Training the apprentice auctioneer in all aspects of practical business functions and duties related to the auctioneering profession.

                                            (c) Should an apprentice auctioneer fail to pass both the written and oral examinations to become a fully licensed auctioneer in two consecutive testing sessions, the sponsorship will be terminated. The apprentice auctioneer will be permitted one additional opportunity to pass the oral and written auctioneer examinations only after serving another six month apprenticeship under a different sponsoring auctioneer.

                                            (d) A sponsoring auctioneer relieved of his or her sponsorship will not be considered for another sponsorship unless he or she provides a written affidavit to the commissioner that he or she fully understands the responsibilities of a sponsoring auctioneer and gives the details as to what additional training will be provided to a new apprentice auctioneer. If the commissioner or his or her representative approves the presented plan, then an auctioneer may be permitted to sponsor a new apprentice auctioneer.

                                            (e) If an apprentice auctioneer conducts an auction without the consent of his or her sponsoring auctioneer, then only the apprentice auctioneer is subject to the penalties set forth in this article.