§19-2C-5. Requirements for license; rules and regulations; duties of licensee.

(1) Each person seeking a license hereunder after the effective date of this section shall submit satisfactory evidence to the commissioner showing:

(a) That he or she has successfully completed the written and oral examinations provided for in this article;

(b) That he or she has a good reputation;

(c) That he or she is of trustworthy character;

(d) That he or she has met the apprenticeship requirements set forth in this article, if applicable;

(e) That he or she is a citizen of the United States; and

(f) That he or she has a general knowledge of the auctioneering profession and the principles involved in conducting an auction.

(2) The commissioner shall promulgate such reasonable rules and regulations as he or she considers necessary to carry out the intent and the administration and enforcement of this article, which said rules and regulations shall be promulgated in accordance with the applicable provisions of chapter twenty-nine-a of this code.

(3) Each licensee shall promptly produce for inspection such license at all sales conducted by or participated in by such licensee when requested to do so by any person and shall keep complete and accurate records of all transactions engaged in for a period of six months, which records shall be open to inspection by the commissioner or his authorized representative.