§19-2A-12. Duration of licenses; renewals; refusal, revocation or suspension.
All licenses issued in accordance with the provisions of this article shall be for a period of one year and shall expire on June thirtieth next following date of issue. All applications for the renewal of any such licenses shall be made in the same manner as for the original license.

The commissioner may refuse to grant a license or may revoke or suspend any license issued under the provisions of this article, for the violation of any of the provisions of this article or of any of the rules and regulations adopted pursuant to the provisions of this article: Provided, That before such suspension or revocation becomes effective the party shall be notified by the commissioner of his intention to refuse, revoke, or suspend and the party shall be given ten days in which to request a hearing before the commissioner, which request shall be made in writing by registered mail. The commissioner is hereby authorized to summon witnesses for and to take testimony at such hearings.