§16-33-7. Establishment of breast and cervical cancer diagnostic and treatment fund.
(a) There is hereby established the breast and cervical cancer diagnostic and treatment fund which shall provide financial assistance for the medical care of indigent patients for diagnostic and treatment services for breast and cervical cancer.

(b) The fund may be comprised of moneys appropriated to the fund by the Legislature, allocated to the fund by the federal government and all other sums designated for deposit in the fund from any source, public or private.

(c) The fund shall be administered by the office of maternal and child health within the bureau of public health. The bureau shall file an annual report with the joint committee on government and finance describing the operation and status of the fund, acts, policies, practices or procedures of the bureau in implementing the provisions of this article, and the bureau's recommendations as to changes in law or policy which it deems necessary or appropriate.

(d) Nothing in this article may be construed or interpreted to mean that covered diagnostic and treatment services are required to be provided by the bureau or the department. Nothing in this article shall be construed to mandate funding for the breast and cervical diagnostic and treatment fund or to require any appropriation by the Legislature to the fund.