§16-33-2. Definitions.

As used in this article:

(a) "Advisory committee" means the medical advisory committee to the breast and cervical cancer detection and education program coalition established pursuant to the provisions of section five of this article.

(b) "Approved organization" means an organization approved by the director to provide medical services under section four of this article.

(c) "Bureau" means the state bureau of public health established pursuant to the provisions of article one of this chapter.

(d) "Department" means the department of health and human resources.

(e) "Director" means the director of the division of health.

(f) "Unserved or underserved populations" means persons having inadequate access and financial resources to obtain breast and cervical cancer screening and detection services, including persons who lack health insurance or whose health insurance coverage.

(g) "Fund" means the breast and cervical cancer diagnostic and treatment fund.

(h) "Qualified applicant" means a person who meets the financial and medical eligibility guidelines of this article.

(i) "Provider" means a physician, hospital or medical provider currently licensed, operating or practicing in this state.