§16-32-11. Notification; waivers; exemptions.

(a) Each owner or other person responsible for the operation of a building or facility where an asbestos abatement project is to occur shall notify the division at least ten working days prior to commencement of each asbestos abatement project and shall comply with other applicable state and federal legal and regulatory notification requirements for asbestos abatement projects.

(b) In an emergency that results from a sudden unexpected event that is not a planned renovation or demolition, the director may waive the requirement of ten working days prior notification, but in all cases notification shall be made to the division after the emergency within the specified time required by the director.

(c) Asbestos abatement projects involving less than one hundred sixty square feet or two hundred sixty linear feet of asbestos containing material are exempt from the prior notification requirement, unless the project takes place in a school for any of grades kindergarten through twelve. A summary of such projects shall be submitted to the division within a specified time as required by the director.

(d) Persons who remove resilient floor covering materials in single-family dwellings are exempt from notification requirements.