§16-29B-23. Utilization review and quality assurance; quality assurance advisory group.
(a) In order to avoid unnecessary or inappropriate utilization of health care services and to ensure high quality health care, the board shall establish a utilization review and quality assurance program. The board shall coordinate this program with utilization review and peer review programs presently established in state agencies, hospital services and health service corporations, hospitals or other organizations.

(b) With the assistance of the above-mentioned entities, and after public hearings, the board shall develop a plan for the review, on a sampling basis, of the necessity of admissions, length of stay and quality of care rendered at said hospitals.

(c) The board shall monitor identified problem areas and shall impose such sanctions and provide such incentives as necessary to ensure high quality and appropriate services and utilization in hospitals under the jurisdiction of this article.

(d) To assist the board in its efforts under this section, the board shall create a quality assurance advisory group and appoint one of the board's members as chairman of the group. The group shall be composed of representatives of consumers, providers, payors and regulating agencies.