§16-24-5. General powers, duties and responsibilities of director; program coverage.
In carrying out the program established by this article, the director has the power, duty and responsibility to:

(1) Establish and maintain a roster of persons with hemophilia;

(2) Establish and maintain minimum standards for determining eligibility for care and treatment under the program, which must require that any resident hemophiliac may register and participate in the program even if he chooses to pay the entire cost of blood and blood products himself;

(3) Identify hemophilia centers in this state that are interested in creating or expanding a home care program. Such centers must provide comprehensive services for periodic, at least annual, review of registered hemophiliacs;

(4) Provide blood products for home care programs, monitor their usefulness and determine costs of available blood products and secure such products at the least possible cost to each patient;

(5) Develop a registry of resources for hemophiliacs in West Virginia and disseminate information thereupon to patients and the public through educational programs; and

(6) Do all other things, not inconsistent with the provisions of this article, reasonable and necessary or convenient to carry out the purpose of this article and achieve the goal of the state hemophilia program.