§16-12-7. Collections for maintenance and operating costs of works for industrial sewage; how costs determined.
In providing works for industrial sewage, commonly called industrial wastes, in the manner above provided, whether said industrial sewage is disposed of in combination with municipal sewage or independently, said sanitary district shall have power to apportion and collect therefor, from the producer thereof, fair additional construction, maintenance and operating costs over and above those covered by normal taxes and/or service rates or charges, and in case of dispute as to the fairness of such additional construction, maintenance and operating costs, then the same shall be determined by a board of three engineers, one appointed by said sanitary district, one appointed by such producer or producers, or their legal representatives, and the third to be appointed by the two engineers as above described. In the event the two engineers so selected shall fail to agree upon a third engineer, then upon petition of either of the parties the circuit judge shall appoint such third engineer. A decision of a majority of said board shall be binding on both parties and the costs of services of said board shall be shared by both parties equally.