§16-12-4. Publication and effective date of ordinances imposing penalty or making appropriation; certificate of clerk as proof of ordinances, orders and resolutions; evidence of passage and legal publication.
All ordinances imposing any penalty or making any appropriations shall, within one month after they are passed, be published as a Class II legal advertisement in compliance with the provisions of article three, chapter fifty-nine of this code, and the publication area for such publication shall be the sanitary district. No such ordinance shall take effect until ten days after it is so published, and all other ordinances, orders and resolutions shall take effect from and after their passage unless otherwise provided therein.

All ordinances, orders and resolutions, and the date of publication thereof, may be proven by certificate of the clerk under the seal of the corporation, and when printed in book or pamphlet form, and purporting to be published by the board of trustees, such book or pamphlet shall be received as evidence of the passage and legal publication of such ordinances, orders and resolutions, as of the dates mentioned in such book or pamphlet in all courts and places without further proof.