§16-11-1. Male or female sterilization procedures.
It shall be lawful for any physician duly licensed by the state, when so requested by any person other than a minor, or mentally incompetent person, or any other person suffering from any similar disability which would affect their ability to enter into a valid contractual agreement, to perform upon such person, a male or female sterilization procedure: Provided, That a request in writing is made by such person and that at the time of such request a full and reasonable medical explanation is given by the physician to such person as to the meaning and consequences of such operation: Provided, however, That the female sterilization procedure shall only take place in a hospital or facility duly licensed by the state board of health and authorized by said board to perform similar operations, or a hospital or facility administered or owned by the state and duly authorized by said board to perform such operations.

Nothing in this section shall require any hospital or other medical facility to admit any patient for the purpose of undergoing a sterilization operation. No hospital shall be subject to any legal or other penalty or restrictions or shall incur any civil liability because of any refusal to perform, accommodate or assist in any sterilization procedure for any reason. No person shall be required to perform or participate in medical procedures which result in the sterilization of an individual, and the refusal of any person to perform or participate in such medical procedure shall not be a basis for any legal sanction to any person. No hospital administrator or governing board of any hospital shall terminate the employment of, prevent or impair the practice or occupation of, or impose any other penalties or restrictions upon any person who refuses to perform or participate in a sterilization procedure.