§16-6-8. Annual inspection of hotels and restaurants; powers and duties of director of health.
The director of health shall inspect or cause to be inspected, at least once annually, every hotel and restaurant in the state. For that purpose he, or any person designated by him, shall have the right of entry and access at any reasonable time to inspect kitchens where food is prepared, pantry and storage rooms pertaining thereto, dining rooms, lunch counters, and every place where articles pertaining to the serving of the public are kept or prepared. The said director shall prohibit the use of any article not in keeping with cleanliness and good sanitary conditions. He shall also have the right to enter any and all parts of a hotel at all reasonable hours to make such inspection, and every person in the management or control thereof shall afford free access to every part of the hotel and render all assistance necessary to enable the director to make full, thorough and complete examination thereof, but the privacy of any guest in any room occupied by him shall not be invaded without his consent.