§16-5W-4. Establishment of West Virginia Official Prescription Program.
(a) The board shall establish and maintain an official prescription program in the state. The board may contract with a program vendor or vendors to establish and maintain the official state prescription program.

(b) The official West Virginia prescription paper shall be authorized by the board through a program vendor or vendors in batch quantities, which paper may be serially numbered and unable to be altered, copied, or counterfeited. Blank prescription paper shall not be transferable. The official prescription paper shall be provided to appropriate practitioners and facilities at a fee established by legislative rule.

(c) Prescription paper may be issued to specific practitioners marked with a unique number and, if so, shall only be used by that practitioner. The board shall establish security requirements concerning the procurement of the official prescription paper which both the board and the contracted program vendor shall use.

(d) A pharmacist may not fill a written prescription from a West Virginia practitioner unless issued upon an official state issued prescription form.