§16-5S-11. Programs and special activities for older West Virginians.
(a) The bureau shall continue and maintain its long-term care ombudsman program codified in article five-l, chapter sixteen of this code. The bureau shall also design and implement programs for the benefit of older West Virginians relating to: Elder abuse, neglect and exploitation; elder rights and legal assistance; in-home personal care for medicaid and non-medicaid eligible senior citizens; direct services established by the legislative initiatives for the elderly (LIFE), senior health insurance network as established by the United States health care financing administration and a foster grandparent program as established by the corporation for national and community service.

(b) The bureau may sponsor the following special activities for older West Virginians: Governor's golden mountaineer program, a discount program for goods and services at participating merchants, an annual senior citizens conference providing educational and entertainment opportunities, a governor's summit on aging, a silver haired legislature and an annual senior day at the Legislature. The bureau may sponsor additional special activities as necessary.