§16-5S-7. Local service providers.
(a) Service providers who offer "Older West Virginians Act" and related services funded through the federal administration on aging shall:

(1) Determine the needs of seniors in the particular geographic area covered by gaining input from the seniors themselves, their families and care givers;

(2) Develop a plan of service based on the needs of the seniors in a format provided by the area agency;

(3) Provide supportive services, nutrition services and senior centers which shall, within available funding, meet the identified needs of seniors;

(4) Serve as an effective and visible advocate for older West Virginians; and

(5) Participate in the bureau's client tracking system.

(b) Service providers who offer medicaid reimbursed services shall:

(1)Comply with appropriate medicaid regulations and policies including provider agreements, program manuals and program instructions;

(2) Maintain client files, provider information and report as required for the determination of compliance with established program standards as determined by the bureau for medical services; and

(3) Participate in the bureau's client tracking system.