§16-5R-5. Standards for care; rules.
(a) The secretary shall propose rules for legislative approval in accordance with the provisions of article three, chapter twenty-nine-a of this code, setting minimum standards for the care and treatment of persons with alzheimer's disease and other dementia in facilities offering alzheimer's special care units or programs.

(b) The standards established pursuant to this section shall apply to all facilities offering alzheimer's special care units or program and shall be in addition to any other statutory requirements, rules or standards that are applicable to the facility.

(c) The secretary shall enforce the rules and standards for alzheimer's special care units or programs and shall exercise all powers necessary for such enforcement, including investigation and reporting of violation of the rules, issuance of notices or warnings to facilities found in violation of the standards, assessment of civil penalties in accordance with the applicable licensing provisions of the facility, and suspension or revocation of licenses.

(d) If a facility advertising, marketing or otherwise promoting the facility as providing specialized alzheimer or dementia care services does not meet the standards established by the secretary, the department shall instruct the facility to cease such advertising, marketing or promoting.