§16-5P-11. Prevention of crimes against the elderly.

(a) It is the intent of the Legislature that all state agencies cooperate with the bureau and the state police in carrying out the provisions of this section.

(b) In planning and developing programs and recommendations relating to the prevention of crime and the fear of crime, including fraud, against elderly persons, the bureau shall, within existing appropriations, evaluate the need for new or improved programs, including:

(1) Public education and awareness;

(2) Community coordination in areas of social services and criminal justice;

(3) Voluntary involvement of elderly persons and retired professionals in the criminal justice system;

(4) Victim and witness assistance;

(5) Reduction of the economic and physical consequences of crime against the elderly; and

(6) Reduction of isolation of the elderly in the community.

(c) State agencies shall cooperate with and assist the bureau, within their available resources, in gathering statistical data and implementing programs which have the potential to prevent crime against elderly persons.