§16-5P-9. Programs and services for the aging.

(a) The bureau may establish local programs of services for the aging as needed throughout the state. Insofar as possible, services shall be designed to foster continued participation of older people in family and community life and to avoid or postpone the onset of dependency and the need for long-term care.

(b) Any allocations by the bureau of appropriations for local programs may be made contingent upon local appropriations or gifts in money or in kind for the support of such programs. The county commission of any county or governing body of any municipality in this state may appropriate and expend money for establishing and maintaining programs. Funds appropriated by the county commission or by the governing body of any municipality in this state may be contributed from time to time to any committee or organization approved by the bureau for the purposes authorized by this section.

(c) The bureau as provided hereunder may receive and expend funding, including the state's share of federal funds, designated for the construction, acquisition and renovation of senior centers.

(d) The Legislature may appropriate funds on a matching basis or funds from any other source to be used for the purposes stated in this section.