§16-5P-4. Appointment of commissioner; term of office; reporting; qualifications; oath.

(a) There is hereby established the bureau of senior services. As of the effective date of this article, all references to the commission on aging shall be construed to mean the bureau of senior services.

(b) The bureau shall be under the supervision of a commissioner of the bureau of senior services. The commissioner shall be appointed by the governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate, and shall hold office subject to the will and pleasure of the governor. The commissioner shall be selected with consideration to training and experience in senior issues.

(c) The commissioner shall devote his or her entire time to the duties of his or her office, and may not be a candidate for nor hold any other public office or trust nor be a member of a political committee.

(d) The commissioner, before entering upon the duties of office, shall take and subscribe to the oath prescribed by article IV, section five of the state constitution. The oath shall be filed with the secretary of state.

(e) The commissioner shall report directly to the governor or the governor's designee.