§16-5O-6. Availability of records; eligibility requirements of facility staff.

     (a) Any facility which authorizes unlicensed staff members to administer medications or perform health maintenance tasks shall make available to the authorizing agency a list of the individual facility staff members authorized to administer medications or perform health maintenance tasks.

     (b) Any facility may permit a facility staff member to administer medications or perform health maintenance tasks in a single specific agency only after compliance with all of the following:

     (1) The staff member has successfully completed a training program and received a satisfactory competency evaluation as required by this article;

     (2) The facility determines there is no statement on the state administered nurse aide registry indicating that the staff member has been the subject of finding of abuse or neglect of a long-term care facility resident or convicted of the misappropriation of a resident's property;

     (3) The facility staff member has had a criminal background check or if applicable, a check of the State Police Abuse Registry, establishing that the individual has not been convicted of crimes against persons or drug related crimes;

     (4) The medication to be administered is received and maintained by the facility staff member in the original container in which it was dispensed by a pharmacist or the physician; and

     (5) The facility staff member has complied with all other applicable requirements of this article, the legislative rules adopted pursuant to this article and other criteria, including minimum competency requirements, as are specified by the authorizing agency.