§16-5F-1. Legislative findings; purpose; intent of article.

(1) The West Virginia Legislature finds that the rising cost of health care and services provided by health care facilities are matters of vital concern to the people of this state and have a direct relationship to the ability of the people to obtain necessary health care.

(2) The citizens of this state have an inherent right to receive and have available to them health care programs and services which are capable of meeting individual needs.

(3) Such services should be available to all citizens in all regions of this state.

(4) The furnishing of health care services is an essential public service.

(5) The public has a right to know the financial position of facilities and related organizations.

It is the purpose of this article to provide that the facilities and organizations covered herein shall make a public disclosure of their financial position and to bring about a review as to the reasonableness of the costs of health care services.