§16-5E-3. Registration of service providers required; form of registration; information to be provided.
(a) Service providers shall register with the director. No fee may be charged for registration. Registration information shall be provided on a registration form or may be verbally communicated to the director for placement by the director on the form, but no provision of information may be deemed to meet the registration requirement until the signature of the service provider is recorded on the registration form.

(b) Information required for registration shall include the following:

(1) Name, address and telephone number of the service provider;

(2) Address and telephone numbers where services are provided to residents and the number of residents provided service;

(3) The services, such as nursing care or personal assistance, provided to residents; and

(4) Other information required by rules promulgated by the director.

(c) The director may deny registration if the information provided in an application is known by the applicant to be false or the applicant fails to report required information.

(d) A legally unlicensed provider may operate no more than one legally unlicensed home.