§16-5D-1. Purpose.
(a) It is the policy of this state to encourage and promote the development and utilization of resources to ensure the effective care and treatment of persons who are dependent upon the services of others by reason of physical or mental impairment who may require limited and intermittent nursing care, including those individuals who qualify for and are receiving services coordinated by a licensed hospice. Such care and treatment requires a living environment for such persons which, to the extent practicable, will approximate a normal home environment. To this end, the guiding principle for administration of the laws of the state is that such persons shall be encouraged and assisted in securing necessary care and treatment in noninstitutional surroundings.

(b) In recognition that for many such persons effective care and treatment can only be secured from proprietary, voluntary and governmental assisted living residences, it is the policy of this state to encourage, promote and require the maintenance of assisted living residences so as to ensure protection of the rights and dignity of those using the services of assisted living residences.

(c) The provisions of this article are hereby declared to be remedial and shall be liberally construed to effectuate its purposes and intents.