§16-5-33. Limitation on use of social security numbers.
(a) A social security number obtained in the filing of a certificate of live birth, an application for a delayed registration of birth, a judicial order establishing a record of birth, an order of adoption, an affidavit of paternity or a judicial order establishing paternity, or any other record may not be transmitted to the clerk of the county commission.

(b) No social security number may appear upon the public record of the index of births or upon any certificate of birth registration issued by the State Registrar, local registrar, county clerk or any other issuing authority.

(c) The State Registrar may make social security numbers available to the Bureau for Child Support Enforcement upon its request, to be used solely in connection with the enforcement of child support orders.

(d) The section of vital statistics may utilize social security numbers in accordance with legislative rules of the department, as allowed by or to meet the requirements of federal regulations.