§16-5-12. Notation on birth records of missing children.
(a) Upon receiving a report of the disappearance of any child born in this state, the State Registrar shall indicate in a clear and conspicuous manner in the child's birth record or by an electronic process that the child has been reported as missing, including the title and location of the law-enforcement agency providing the report.

(b) Upon receiving a request for any birth records containing a report of the disappearance of any child, the State Registrar shall immediately notify the local law-enforcement agency which provided the missing child report. The State Registrar shall transmit any relevant information concerning the applicant's identity, address and other pertinent data immediately to the relevant local law-enforcement agency.

(c) The State Registrar shall retain the original written request, or the details in an electronic format, until notified of the missing child's recovery or the child attains the age of eighteen.

(d) Upon notification that any missing child has been recovered, the State Registrar shall remove the report of the disappearance from the child's birth record.