§16-4C-15. Powers of emergency medical service attendants, emergency medical technicians-basic and emergency medical technicians-paramedic during emergency communications failures and disasters.

(a) In the event of a communications failure between the certified emergency medical services agency personnel, as defined in section three of this article, and the physician during an emergency situation, the certified personnel is authorized to deliver the services as authorized in section fourteen of this article.

(b) In the event of a disaster or other occurrence which renders the communication system ineffective for purposes of adequate individual direction between the physician and the certified emergency medical services agency personnel, the personnel may perform the services as authorized pursuant to the provisions of section fourteen and may release immediate control of the patient to any other emergency medical service personnel in order to provide immediate services to other patients affected by the disaster or other occurrence.

(c) In the event that services are provided under subsection (a) or (b) of this section, the emergency medical services personnel shall, within five days, provide a report to the commissioner, on the forms prescribed by him or her, of theservices performed, the identity of the patient and the circumstances justifying the provision of the services. The commissioner may require any other information deemed necessary.