§16-4-24. Offenses by druggists.
(a) No druggist, pharmacist or other person, not a licensed physician under the laws of the state, may prescribe, recommend, sell, compound or mix any drugs, medicines or other substances to be used for the cure or alleviation of a sexually transmitted disease, including drugs, medicines or substances that are patented, proprietary or otherwise, unless:

(1) The druggist or pharmacist receives a written prescription, formula or order written for the person for whom the drugs or medicines are compounded and signed by a physician licensed to practice under the laws of the state; or

(2) The drug being recommended or sold has received federal food and drug administration approval for over-the-counter use.

(b) All drugs, medicines or substances that are known to the medical profession as being commonly used for the cure or alleviation of sexually transmitted diseases, whether the name is on the bottles or labels or not, is subject to the prohibitions established pursuant to the provisions of this section.

(c) All drugstores shall be at all times open to the inspection of any local health officer, or to any party designated by the director of the sexually transmitted diseases program of the state, to determine whether the provisions of this section are being carried out by the druggists or stores. A sale by a clerk is considered a sale by the owner or proprietor, and both may be prosecuted under the provisions of this article for a misdemeanor.