§16-4-5. Examination of convicts; liability for expenses.
When any person has been tried and convicted in any police court, or in any criminal or circuit court, or before a justice of the peace, upon any charge or offense growing out of sex immorality, such as has been set out in the last preceding section, said person shall not be released from custody by the judge, justice, or police officer trying the case until the local health officer having proper jurisdiction has been notified and has had time to make all necessary tests and examinations to ascertain whether in fact such person is infected with a venereal disease, and all necessary expenses for holding such person in custody pending examination and treatment, if needed, shall be a proper charge against the municipality, if the offense was committed within it, or against the county in which the offense was committed, if committed outside of a municipality; and every municipality, whether it be a county seat or not, shall be liable under this section.