§16-3B-1. Definitions.
(a) "Health care provider" means any licensed health care professional, organization or institution, whether public or private, under whose authority pertussis vaccine is administered.

(b) "Major adverse reaction" means any serious illness, disability or impairment of mental, emotional, behavioral or physical functioning or development, the first manifestation of which appears within four weeks after the date of administration of pertussis vaccine and for which there is reasonable scientific or medical evidence that pertussis vaccine causes, or significantly contributed to, such effect.

(c) "Any other adverse reaction" means any reaction which the department, after consultation with the medical and pharmacy faculties of West Virginia's teaching hospitals, determines by guideline is a basis for not continuing with pertussis vaccine administration.

(d) "Pertussis vaccine" means any vaccine that contains materials intended to prevent the occurrence of pertussis, whether or not the materials are administered separately or in conjunction with other materials intended to prevent the occurrence of other diseases.