§16-3-8. Inflammation of the eyes of the newborn -- Duty of those assisting at childbirth to report cases; treatment.
It shall be the duty of any physician, surgeon, obstetrician, midwife, nurse, maternity home or hospital of any nature, parent, relative and persons attendant on or assisting in any way whatsoever any infant, or the mother of any infant, at childbirth, or at any time within two weeks after childbirth, knowing that the condition described in the preceding section exists, immediately to report such fact in writing to the local health officer of the county or municipality within which the infant or the mother of any infant may reside. In the event of there being no health officer in such county or municipality, the nurse or midwife in attendance shall immediately report the condition to some qualified practitioner of medicine and thereupon withdraw from the case except as she may act under the physician's instructions. On receipt of such report, the health officer, or the physician notified by a midwife where no health officer exists, shall immediately give to the parents or persons having charge of such infant a warning of the dangers to the eye, or eyes, of said infant, and shall for indigent cases provide the necessary treatment at the expense of said county or municipality.