§16-2L-4. Options for Medicaid beneficiaries; assignment of enrollees.

     (a) Notwithstanding the prior availability or utilization of other options, every licensed provider sponsored network available in a county shall be offered by the secretary as an enrollment option to that county's Medicaid beneficiaries. A provider sponsored network is deemed to be "available in a county" if the secretary has entered into a contract with it to provide services to Medicaid beneficiaries in that county.

     (b) The secretary shall require that each eligible Medicaid beneficiary be given the option to choose any available managed care plan, including a provider sponsored network, to arrange for and provide his or her medical services under the Medicaid program, and nothing in this article shall be construed to remove or diminish the right of Medicaid beneficiaries to choose among such available options.

     (c) The secretary shall seek approval from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to permit the assignment to an available provider sponsored network of any Medicaid beneficiary who does not exercise the option to choose a managed care plan or provider sponsored network offered to him or her. The secretary shall promulgate emergency rules and shall propose for legislative approval legislative rules as may be necessary to implement such assignment process.

     (d) A Medicaid beneficiary assigned to a provider sponsored network or another managed care organization may change enrollment to any other available provider sponsored network or managed care organization as such options may be available, and nothing in this article requires that a Medicaid beneficiary who is a patient of a participating provider must remain an enrollee in the provider sponsored network with which such participating provider has a contract.