§16-2L-3. Contracts with provider sponsored networks.

     (a) The secretary is authorized to enter into contracts with any provider sponsored network licensed by the insurance commissioner in accordance with the provisions of article twenty- five-g, chapter thirty-three of this code, to arrange for the provision of health care, services and supplies for Medicaid beneficiaries. Such contract:

     (1) Shall be subject to the same criteria and standards applied to other managed care organizations; and

     (2) May provide that the provider sponsored network will share with the department up to 25% of any net profits realized during the period of the contract.

     (b) The service, administrative and performance criteria to be met by provider sponsored networks shall be the same as required of other managed care organizations providing services to Medicaid beneficiaries in the state.

     (c) A licensed provider sponsored network shall be deemed an HMO for the purposes of federal regulations governing the Medicaid program to the extent permitted by such regulations.