§16-2K-1. Legislative findings and statement of purpose.
(a) The United States Department of Health and Human Services

has established a model of managed care service delivery that encourages innovative integrated health care delivery systems to serve frail and disabled elders with effective primary, preventive, restorative, supportive and palliative care. The program, as authorized in 42 CFR §460, §462, §466, §473 and §476, provides for the establishment of local programs to reorganize and reintegrate local health care delivery systems.

(b) The program for all-inclusive care for the elderly or "PACE" is a capitated program that is operated in accordance with federal law by a public, private, nonprofit or proprietary entity to provide comprehensive health and social services to disabled and frail elderly persons, certified by the state as nursing home eligible to maximize the autonomy and continued independence of these elderly persons.

(c) The Legislature finds that the "PACE" programs will enhance the quality of life, function and health of elderly persons.

(d) In order to promote the expansion of medical, social and long-term care services for the elderly, it is the intent of the Legislature to eliminate legal, statutory and regulatory barriers to the establishment of "PACE" programs by exempting health providers participating in these programs from regulation as insurers.